Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bliss Quote: Princess see's Preacher in a new light

I could hear Preacher in the distance singing. It was an Irish love song, Love you till the end. And he sounded wasted. "I thought he didn’t drink?"

            "Not drunk." Cash said and slapped my ass. "And yes, I am creative enough."

            He walked towards Preacher, who was not swaying, but dancing, kind of. Now more than ever he reminded me of a leprechaun which was funny because he was as big and tall as Cash and just as attractive. It must have been the singing Irish ballads and his accent thick while he danced in circles.

            I'd sworn off drugs at eighteen but seeing Preacher this high, singing and dancing in glee made me want to reconsider. "Coooookie…." He said in his sing song voice as they reached the van.

            "Hi Preacher, I take it you had a good night." He stumbled and I went to help catch him but Cash was too fast, swooping him up over his shoulder he walked to the van and kind of...tossed him in. Preacher only laughed.

            "I had as much fun as you did Cookie." He said and then made a move like he was sniffing the air in the van. "I can smell you Cookie, you’re all over Cash."

            "Night night Preach." Cash said and slammed the door.

            "He can smell that we had sex?" I asked kind of grossed out.

            Preacher busted up laughing when I asked and Cash just shrugged his shoulders. "Yep, Vampires smell everything."

            I followed Cash to the van and hopped in and looked at Preacher who was leaning between the two seats like a dog on a trip. "Thanks a lot Preacher; you spoiled the one good thing this whole nightmare had."

            He only laughed and kept singing. It was a long drive back to Preachers house and luckily his song faded out and he fell asleep. 

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